The Most Efficient Way Of Getting Vitamins

Injectable vitamins can provide immediate nutrient absorption, correct deficiencies directly, bypass digestive issues, and potentially offer quicker recovery from ailments, boosting overall health and well being.

  • Immediate Absorption
  • Direct Deficiency Correction
  • Bypasses Digestive Issues
  • Quick Appointments With No Downtime

Drip Infusion Vibe is God sent! I have received infusions and injections with them a few times and will keep coming back. Last year when I caught the flu, I felt absolutely horrible, but I mustered the little bit of energy I had and drove there (totally forgetting they do home visits). Within 48 hrs, the horrendous flu symptoms subsided, which Dr said I would have for full 14 days! *note, I did not take any medication for the flu.*

Most recently & consistently, the CBD injections have been helping with me feel less anxious, stressed, pain and helping me sleep better. I haven’t taken my daily dose of melatonin in weeks, and am sleeping like a baby.

Valerie and Tara are knowledgeable, patient and kind. They will sit down with you and truly listen to your concerns. And to top it off, the office is super clean and relaxing! I highly recommend Drip Vibe Infusions to EVERYONE! If you’re interested in improving your health, this is THE place to go!


Helps with depression, insomnia, cardiac disease, immune system, fatigue, and nervous system diseases.

Helps with nausea, PMS symptoms, and depression.  Assists with carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism.  May help prevent anemia.
Improves hair, skin, and nail growth.
May help with anemia by helping your body produce and maintain new cells, may help prevent heart disease, and aids with depression.
May help release stress, boost cognitive performance, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and boost immune system.
Great for energy! Can help regulate mood and irritability. Supports healthy hair, skin, and nails. May improve heart health by decreasing homocysteine levels.

Aids in collagen production.  Binds to toxins and helps the body clear them.  Stimulates the production of serotonin which helps elevate mood, improve sleep, and enhance memory and thinking.

Strengthens the immune system! It’s an antioxidant that helps protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, aids in collagen production, and helps the body absorb iron.

The mother of all antioxidants! Great for the immune system, inflammation, detoxifying your cells and liver, skin health, depression, anxiety, and regulating blood sugar.
Improves exercise performance and recovery, reduces muscle soreness, increases oxygen supply to your muscles, and preserves lean muscle mass.
Can help improve heart health and blood sugar regulation, may help reduce frequency of migraines, and can increase your energy.
A common treatment for cold sores and can help with anxiety. Plays a role in the creation of carnitine. Helps the body form collagen, which aids in the growth and maintenance of bones and connective tissue.
Aids in collagen production, good for digestive health, helps heal wounds and repair skin, fights inflammation, and supports the cardiovascular system.
Helps to detox your liver, boosts physical performance, supports metabolism, protects your musculoskeletal system and cardiac health, may help with ringing in your ears, and can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
Contains MIC (Methionine, Inositol, Choline), B1, B6, B12, and Carnitine. Helps the body breakdown fat, lower your cholesterol, suppresses your appetite, and boosts your energy to enhance physical performance.
Maintains healthy bones, acts as an anti-inflammatory, may help with joint pain, strengthens immune system, improves cognitive function and helps with depression.
Helps with symptoms related to PMS or Menopause.

Helps relieve hangover symptoms.  Can take before or after going out to party.

Boosts your immune system.

Helps relieve anxiety and stress.

Helps with allergy symptoms.

Amino acids to help increase athletic performance.

Helps boost your energy!

Beneficial for anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Helps with detoxification.

Helps improve cognitive function/mental focus and brain fog.

Perfect combination of vitamins for hair, skin, and nails. Will help give your skin a nice glow.

(Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) Maximizes brain function, cell regeneration (healing at a cellular level), slows down the aging process, and boosts energy

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